About Us

Inappropriate jokes, celebrity interviews and lots of beer! This Seattle based podcast is hosted by the three best friends that anybody could have.

Jeremy Grater is the networking expert, the driver, the technical brains, and the champion. He’s a hero, basically. A professional in the radio industry, he’s clever and has perfected the art of looking busy at all times. He’s progressive, industrious, creates beautiful babies and rules a beard. Favorite things: Pearl Jam, good beer, Star Wars, plaid shirts, comedy, short cuts, free stuff, himself. Also owns a fantasy football trophy and will happily gloat about it. Sorry ladies (and dudes), he's taken.

Aaron Ristow is the older brother, the first to be a handsome father of remarkable children and a prolific storyteller. With two Masters degrees and a scientific mind, starting a podcast was his idea before it was cool. Loves his career and being outdoors. Special skills: trying to get over the rainbow, dramatic traveling, offending everyone, avoiding natural disasters, making word salad. Enjoys baking, likes cats, and will dance alone in public.

Stacy Black tells it like it is. Attentive to details, she manages work Jeremy doesn’t have time for such as mailing things and getting beer. A delightful blend of doubt and audacity, she's a delicate flower with a quick comeback. Laughs easily and likes people on an individual basis. Unique talents: starting conversations in the middle, interrupting Aaron, lap vomiting, vampire hearing, finding typos. Once had a hands-free experience on an airplane. As some guy on the internet said, she is pleasing to the eyes and troubling to the mind.

Call us anytime! 206-659-POOP (7667)

We also do email eargogglesnet@gmail.com